Monday, February 06, 2006

Sabotaging Sales of Decks and Fences

Top 10 ways to sabotage Sales ( Selling Decks and Fences)

  1. Miss the appointment (then don’t call for a week or two—or ever)

  2. Arrive late.

  3. Arrive intoxicated—worse still if you choose to partake in a beverage if offered during the estimate.

  4. Close talking—Loud Talking—Arrogance, Ignorance or generally abrasive attitude.

  5. Arrive at the quote without a portfolio—or use an unimpressive collection of photos.

  6. Smell of cigarettes.

  7. Try to sell a plastic deck to someone who knows too much about it.

  8. Arrive in a truck that is an obvious state of disrepair. (Park a few houses away—better to just fix the truck or lease a newer vehicle)

  9. Get into discussion of political or religious nature with the clients.

  10. Arrive unprepared to sell—no contracts, no design materials, no tape measure.

There are hundreds of ways to minimize your chances of making the sale. When you make a mistake or don’t get the sale simply ask the client why. 90% of the time they will be brutally honest. It is a task well worth doing. It will help you grow thick skin and give you a road map for future estimates.


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